Starman vs. uWSGI: PSGI server performance comparison

This benchmark is about Perl PSGI web application servers but the story starts with Python. I needed to deploy a Python based web application on a server running nginx. I was not fully up to date about the current WSGI application server offerings and therefore searched for some comparisons. I found a comprehensive WSGI server benchmark by Nicholas Piël which was very interesting, although slightly dated already.

I noticed that uWSGI looks like a good modern application server which integrates nicely with nginx. And not only for running Python apps: It can run Perl PSGI/Plack apps as well! That made me very interested.

Earlier PSGI server benchmarks

I searched the interwebs for PSGI/Plack server performance comparisons but did not find any which included uWSGI. It looked like the benchmark in the Starman documentation is the only one available and quoted in many places. It declares Starman as the fastest PSGI server: Continue reading